3rd Maryland Cavalry, US

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The Third Maryland Cavalry, also known as "The Bradford Dragoons," in honor of Maryland's Governor, Augustus W. Bradford, was organized in Baltimore from August 8, 1863 to January 9, 1864.  The regiment enlisted for a term of three years.  Originally consisting of ten companies, the 3rd Maryland consolitated into a battalion with six companies on December 9, 1864.

Company A., B., C. & H. were from Baltimore City.  Company I. was recruited from both Frederick County and Baltimore City.  Company K. was recruited from Baltimore City, and from the re-enlisted members of the 2nd Maryland Cavalry.

Company D., E., F. & G. were recruited from Confederate prisoners held at Fort Delaware, who had taken the oath of allegiance to the United States of America.

Immediately after it's recruitment, the 3rd Maryland Cavalry was sent to Louisiana by steamboat to participate in General Nathan Bank's ill fated Red River Expedition.  The 3rd was then assigned to General Canby's command and particpated in his movements against Mobile, Alabama.

The 3rd participated in the following engagements:  Flemming's Ford, Louisiana, February 11, 1864; Mansuria, La., May 14 & 16, 1864; Marksville, La., May 17, 1864; Yellow Bayou, La., May 18 & 19, 1764; Morgan's Ferry Road, La., June 9, 1864; the capture of Fort Gains, Alabama, April 9, 1865; the capture of Fort Blakley, Al., April 9, 1864.

Casualties of the 3rd were eleven men died of wounds received in battle, four officers and eighty enlisted men succumbed to disease.

History provided by Gary Baker of the Association of Carroll's Sacred Trust.

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